Building Lettering

Brand your business location with building lettering and logo. It is important to let your customers know that they have arrived at the correct location. Be sure to talk to us about custom building lettering for your business. Getting found on Google is one thing, but letting customers know they arrived at the right place is another. On the building or on the street, permanent signage means your business is here to stay.

Modern Building Lettering And Signage

Most modern businesses are using block lettering anchored to the building. Additionally adding instruction signage such as departments like Receiving, Shipping, Billing etc., attached directly to the building surface create permanent building traffic flow signage. Doing so reduces sign replacement costs saving money.

Backlit LED Lettering And Signs

Also popular is backlit building lettering. Backlit LED lettering and signs cost pennies to operate and look great for years. These days businesses choose LED signs over Neon options. LED signs consume far less electric than other types of lighted signs and LED lasts longer too. Whether it be neon or LED backlight signs Golden Graphics designs, produces and installs any type of building lettering you need.

How Are Letters Attached?

Golden Graphics uses anchor systems appropriate for the letter material. For example, Acrylic letters use different anchors than Aluminum block letters because of weight differences. Attachment points of the letters to the building surface also play a key factor. Additionally, building surface material is a consideration. We use different letter hangers if the business building is made of brick versus if the building is made of wood and vinyl siding. We do stock all available anchor systems ensuring your letters will stay on your building for years to come.