Wall Coverings & Murals

UCraveFrozenYogurtWheatonILGoldenGraphicsWallMuralPrintAndInstallationThere is a new found popularity in interior design with textured, muraled and faux finish walls. Golden Graphics can re-create any artwork, in any size to fit any room in your home or office. From faux wood to full color murals we can print and install vinyls that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We can even install 3M® Dinoc vinyl material to any surface inside your home or office. With the longstanding quality of 3M® and the proven installation techniques coined by Golden Graphics you can rest assured that the wall covering of your dreams can be achieved and last for years to come.


How long will Vinyl Wall Coverings last?

With proper care interior digitally printed vinyl will last 20-30 years which makes our vinyl installations perfect for high traffic offices, bars and nightclubs without the hassle of dripping paint and toxic fumes released by paint and traditional wall paper products. You may consider vinyl wall coverings an earth and health conscious choice for interior walls. For more information on the care of your new vinyl wall coverings refer to the information here ….



How long will Vinyl Wall Covering installations take?

Vinyl installation time varies with each location, type of wall and preparation time to remove old textures if needed. For best results keep the temperature in your space to 72 degrees for 2 days prior to the installation date. By increasing the temperature in your home or office before vinyl wall covering installation you will be heating the interior of the walls and this will provide better adhesion of the applied vinyl material. Vinyl is also susceptible to cracking during installation and maintaining a temperature at or just above 72 degrees will substantially reduce the risk of cracked material.