Social Media Cards

Social media is the advertising medium of the future. It is estimated that up to 20% of a brick and mortar business ROI for advertising will be attributed to social media in some way. With statistics like that it is no wonder why social media management is one of the hottest careers today. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare a just a few of the barrage of websites and mobile device platforms that are bringing people together and helping your company get your message heard. With staggering numbers like this you need to have your business social media cards on hand at all times just like your standard business card.


How can Golden Graphics help get your social media message heard?

With Social Media reminder cards we can custom design cards that will lead customers and new found fans directly to the social media platforms that your business participates in. Social Media Cards are more direct than a standard business card because of the direct focus on your companies social media accounts without overcrowding information on one card. By separating classic business card contact information from corporate social media information you are giving your customers a business card to contact you and a social media listing card that they can pass to friends and potential new customers. Once the recipient has “Liked” of “Followed” your company they will feel comfortable to pass your social media information along while keeping the standard business card contact information for themselves.