Outdoor Lettering/Signage

For many small storefront businesses the first contact you will have with your new customer is your front door and window. This is the perfect chance for your front door lettering to your business shine and let your new customer know you are open. Some key elements to have on the business storefront is Your Logo, Hours of Operation, Featured Products and Promotions, Upcoming Sales even Seasonal Themes are some great ideas about how to turn your storefront into a brilliant marketing piece.


Why use premium vinyl products on your storefront?

Your front door is the first opportunity to inform and up sell your new customer and nothing is more important than making a great first impression. Digital print for your logo, die cut premium vinyl for your hours of operation and mission statement will yield you years of service that truly brings a return on investment. Using premium grade materials will ensure that you can replace portions of your lettering, like hours or your logo, without sacrificing the rest of your lettering and the window design. Replacing pieces saves you money when making the choice to use UV coated premium vinyl for your business window lettering.


New Opening and Grand Opening Banners and Signs

Businesses new and old benefit from big bright banners and signs. In fact the best way to increase sales is to simply tell people about your products and services with a large, well formatted sign. Golden Graphics no only prints and installs banners and outdoor signage, we can help you achieve an eye catching design that will generate revenue and interest in your business from passers by. Don’t loose the opportunity to sell foot-traffic, keep appropriate signage displayed at all times!