Flyers are a great way to expand your business message in print. With fliers and similar forms of printed marketing you are able to give your potential customer much more than you name and phone number. The flyer is a step up from the business card in that you can offer so much more information about who your company is, what you do and why you do it better than the competition. Taking the time to outline what you want your flyer to say is important. You’ll want to focus on the highlights of your business but most importantly have one or more “call to action” to get the consumer excited about your product or service enough to contact you immediately. The age old call to action “Call Now” works but you may have a better response with something like “Limited Time Offer” or “Sale Ends Soon” on your flyer.

Restaurants Must Have Take Out Menus and Flyers

If you are a restaurant owner you know all to well that repeat customers are your key to success. For this reason a professionally printed take out menu is a must! As a rule every take out and delivery order needs to have a take out menu with the food and carry out menus should be prominently displayed everywhere customers may gather. Printing a take out menu yourself is proven to not get the desired repeat business especially from a first time customer. However a quality printed menu will always be taken with them(if they are dining in) or saved (if they are taking out or getting delivery).  Quality printing creates value in your business, it lets customers know you care about the details they see which reassures them about the quality of your food.

Get Quality Design and Print

Every business benefits from distributing quality printed materials. While you may feel that a simple black and white sheet will be cheaper for your business to produce on its own consider that a quality printed flyer will generate 2-3 times more interest than a substandard hard to read one sheet. Get the results you’re after with quality print and design services at Golden Graphics.