Business Cards

Business networking starts with BUSINESS CARDS!!!  They have been around since cavemen.  Not really, But they have been around forever.  When handing out cards, you want to stand out from the rest with an impression that lasts.  We take your ideas and designs to transform them into little works of art that you are proud of.  The standard card is 3.5″ x 2″, But any size and shape can be achieved.  We have the capabilities to do 25 cards to 100’s of thousands.  We do typography for many styles of printing, from lithography to thermography, letterpress, foil and offset.  We have the abilities to supply you with what fits your budget and likings.

Offset Litho and Thermography Cards on 100# Cover to 16Pt Card Stock.

This type of printing is the passing of the paper though a press loaded with one color at a time, where you, the customer picks that color/s from a chart of standard colors. They are either raised(Thermography) or flat(Litho), one, two or three color cards on a natural/uncoated paper, that you chose from an array of colors, stocks and textures.  This is the conventional way to print business cards.  But as technology advances, people like more colors.  So you might be interested in the option below.

Offset and Digital Full Color Business Cards on 12Pt or 16Pt Card Stock. 

Offset printing is where the paper(stock) passes though the press, passing the 4 standard colors in printing; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & K(Black).  Then the stock goes though the same process for the back of the cards.  This process is very fast and is for higher volume of prints.  You can choose a Spot Color, which is where you pick the color and we load the machine to run that specific color along with the other 4 standard colors.  There is an extra charge for that and we recommend having more then one item printed during that process to make the job more cost friendly to your wallet.  After the ink drys, the stock is then ran though the UV coater on the sides of your choice. Full gloss coating the stock is the standard UV process.  You do have the chose of a design in the clear coat at an additional charge, called a Spot UV.  Standard UV coating options include: Full;Front & Back, One side or No UV Coating.  If you need to write on the cards, then No UV should be used for that side.  After all of this, the stock is then cut down to cards from big sheets to your desired card size & boxed.

Options: Spot UV coating, Linen stock, die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, custom shapes, spot color, and metallics available by request, at an additional charge. 

Digital Printing is for low volumes of cards


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