Golden Graphics provides custom Digital Print and Vinyl Layer Banners for all occasions. Let us help you create a banner that will stand out at your next vendor booth. Be it a banner for your high school, little league team, bake sale, corporate event, grand opening, golf outing or any other occasion you want your message to be seen … BIG!

Golden Graphics provides two different types of banners to suit your businesses needs, Digital Print (See example to the left) and Cut Vinyl. Both Digital Print and Vinyl Cut Banner Styles are suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use provided you specify the location you will be hanging the banner before the provided artwork goes to print. Banners that will be displayed indoors and out of the elements and weather can be printed on lightweight material and do not need to have wind holes implanted in the banner material. Wind holes prevent the banner material from tears and shreading by allowing wind and weather to pass through the banner material rather than having a “Sail” effect where wind must go around the banner material rather than through it.