Cars Lettering

Golden Graphics has a large inventory of vinyl materials suitable for car lettering, UV Laminates and 3M glow in the dark vinyl that can be customized to achieve the desired look of your message on your vehicle. With the material in stock we can create any message, in any color that will last up to 11 years with proper maintenance. This performance comes from using premium vinyls from reputable sources and recommending the proper combination of products to promote the look you desire.

Do you have a Logo?

Golden Graphics can digitally print your logo on intermediate or premium vinyl material and install the print on your vehicle, hassle free and in some cases the same day*.

*extra charges apply

Cars Magnets

Here at Golden Graphics, We use premium extruded .030 mil. magnetic sheets that starts as a 24″ x 50′ roll. We cut them down to your specified sizes or match them to the intended vehicle. Of course you always have the option to go with the industry size standard of 24″ x 12″. Customizability is the name of the game when it come to making your perfect set of vehicle magnets. From cut vinyl to digital printing capabilities, we can match the color of the magnets to the vehicle they are going on. Have a specific budget in mind, that’s not a problem, we use intermediate and premium 3M® vinyls to meet your pricing needs. Need magnets in a pinch, Golden Graphics always has a full roll in stock at all times.

Full Car Wraps

GET THE WORD OUT! From race cars to kids toys – partial to full wraps. Lettering up your car is the most economic way to advertise. Your car’s already on the road, why not have it make you money, while it is busy running around town? Your vehicle can be seen by over 100,000 people on an average day of driving and our vinyl car wraps are high res print on premium vinyl with premium laminate to keep your company message looking great for years to come. What’s more is by choosing premium vinyl your wrap will remove clean! This is important to the resale value of your company vehicle.