Vinyl Products

Golden Graphics Printing and Signs recommends 3M® Vinyls and Adhesives. Quality, value and durability is our mission and we believe that the bitterness of poor quality long outlasts the sweetness of a low price. Trust us to provide to you all the best options for the application you’ll be using our products on.


When you take into account how many people you pass in traffic installing vinyl lettering, digital print vinyl wraps and placard magnets to your automobile is the perfect way to get your business message heard. Golden Graphics Printing and Signs will always suggest the proper vinyl materials, UV laminate coatings and vinyl grade to meet your needs. Trust our 13 years experience to deliver the longest lasting car vinyl installations in the industry.


Golden Graphics experience in vehicle wraps extends to semi trucks, trailers, box trucks, delivery vans and even large boom cranes. In short, we can apply your business name and logo to any piece of heavy equipment or fleet vehicle. Commonly businesses with a fleet of vehicles will at minimum apply vinyl vehicle numbers to each piece of equipment. Step up a simple truck number with your company name and turn your fleet into mobile billboards.

Wall Coverings & Murals

A new alternative to painting walls is printed vinyl interior wall wrap. With our large format printers we can reproduce any color or textured wall. Vinyl installs much quicker than a painted mural .. with far less mess. In many cases Golden Graphics can install your custom printed wall mural in just a few hours. Additionally we can produce and ship any inspirational quote. When you receive your custom inspirational quote simply peel the backing off and stick it to any interior wall.

Vinyl for Commercial and Residential Cabinetry

In the old days there was Contact Paper for those old cabinets and drawers but today there is 3M® Dinoc Vinyls for all commercial and residential cabinetry. 3M® is a name that you know and trust for quality adhesion and years of durable service so why not update your business appearance today with Dinoc Vinyl Installations!

In just one day you can turn your old outdated gas station cabinetry, clothing racks, front counter, restaurant tables or just about any other surface for any business application into a new and updated environment that will make your whole business feel renovated to your customers. Turn old display racks into cash collecting gems with quality Vinyl installed by Golden Graphics professionals! Your customers and your bottom line will be glad you did!