Golden Graphics offers installation on all of the building signage and vinyl products we produce.

Vinyl Lettering and Wraps

We install vinyl lettering and wraps of vehicles onsite and at our offices. Scheduled appointments are a must for vinyl installations of any kind. Generally you can expect to have your wrap or lettering installed within one week of the order being generated through our offices. While we can install vinyl in onsite across the Chicagoland area there are some considerations. The area must be free of water and grit with an ideal ambient temperature of 72 degrees or higher to ensure proper vinyl adhesion. Locations that do not meet these and other specific criteria are subject to additional cleaning and preparation fees.
Showing Onsite Dump Truck Door Lettering

Building Signage (Exterior)

Exterior building signage can be installed in almost any climate provided the initial adhesion of any vinyl material used in the sign is adhered at or above 72 degrees. Granite, Metal, Plastic and Poly signage can be installed in any temperature above freezing to ensure cracking does not occur during the install. Should excessive cold, snow or rainy weather hinder installation schedule Golden Graphics reserves the right to reschedule at our convenience and/or charge additional fees for clearing of snow or water from the installation area.

Building Signage (Interior)

Scheduling indoor signage installation is easy going due to the lack of bad weather in your office. We ask that proper arrangements be made with building engineers and property management to be expecting our installers at a specific time. Should special building visitors passes be needed please advise the Golden Graphics representative at the time of installation scheduling and confirmation. If for any reason we are unable to gain access to the installation area rescheduling fees will apply.

Residential and Commercial Wall Covering and Murals

Showing Commercial Printed Mural Installation
As with any installation of vinyl materials Golden Graphics installation technicians will keep in close contact with you up to the scheduled install day and will confirm your appointment. We ask that any furniture be cleared from the installation area and any animals (residential) be kept in a separate area before the technician arrives at your location. If for any reason you are unable to keep your pets in a separate area during the installation please advise us 24 hours before your appointment and we will reschedule on a day that you can accomodate. Should our technician arrive and all pets are not stowed away we will unfortunately terminate the installation and charge a rescheduling fee.

Parking and Traffic Signage

To ensure top quality installation of parking and traffic property signage we may request to meet building engineers at off peak hour to allow for smooth, speedy and safe installation. Off peak hours are outlined as hours before or after the bulk traffic to the parking area is onsite. Generally we will work off of an installation plan where we lay out the best way to replace necessary signage without impeding the flow of traffic to and from the building.