Things To Think About When Preparing For A Printer

Preparing for a business printer can be a bit of a daunting task. Thus we have created “Things To Think About When Preparing For A Printer”. A list of tips about what to expect from a professional, full service printer. Like all of the decisions you will make about your business needs, there are a lot of things to think about when preparing for a printer. Above all you need a printer that can put your thoughts on paper … or vinyl … or magnets. By the same token helping to keep your brand cohesive across all of you marketing material is important too.

That said, lets have a look at this list!

-Be prepared.

Try to have somewhat of an idea of what you need done, approximate sizes, locations etc. While the Golden Graphics professionals are capable of printing magic, customer guidance is essential to successful marketing material production. For example, you have an event coming up. Maybe a convention or marketing/networking meetup. It is a good idea to jot the printed items you want down on. In general you’ll need promotional material like a table throw, business cards, a retractable banner and maybe a take away product, like pens. As a result you’ll need to tell us:

Table Throw – the size (Length, Width and Height) of the table.
Business Cards – how many cards you need. Also, a design, if you have one.
Retractable Banner – if you have a logo or artwork pre made. Golden Graphics has artists however we will need some details on your vision of the banner.
Take Away Product – in this case, pens. How many would you like? Are you thinking of quality pens or low cost freebies?

Things To Think About When Preparing For A Printer

-Be patient, it takes a little time to come up with creative artwork.

As much as we like to think we live in an “instant” day and age, art still takes time. While the advent of computers surely speeds the process along, the creativity behind printing still takes time. We like to give our best on all of the work we do. In fact, customer satisfaction is paramount to us at Golden Graphics. In the light of, Golden Graphics always submits quality digital artwork for you approval before print. Likewise, if you have a planned event, contact us as soon as possible to allow the best quality artwork and print.

-Patiences includes the quote for a job.

With so many factors to include in an accurate quote for custom design print work, responding to a quote request sometimes takes slightly longer than you are used to. To give you an idea. Lets say you want your vehicle lettered. Depending on whether you want a half wrap, full wrap or just vehicle lettering, there are time considerations. Provided that all information about your vehicle and desired art is submitted, considerations still have to be factored such as installation time and vehicle design layout. The key information to take in here is each vehicle lettering installation is unique.

-Please have vehicle clean for the vehicle wrap installer.

If we are installing a vehicle wrap or graphics on a vehicle, please have vehicle cleaned. Golden Graphics technician will surface prep the vehicle. However, if the vehicle is covered in road dirt, we will have to charge additional and wash the surface. For example, think of a what happens when a pieces of tape hits dirt. The piece of tape is not going to stick to anything. Wrapping or lettering a truck, van or car that is dirty has the same effect. The vinyl will not properly adhere to the surface.

-Our prices are fair but not free.

While we truly love printing and vinyl work, we do not offer services at no charge. Because we respect your time and want to provide you with the best it is our core value to have fair employee compensation. With that we have to adhere to our quoted prices. Golden Graphics has found that customers are happiest with quality work at a fair price … so we keep it that way. Featuring seasoned digital print artists, installers and press operators comes at a cost. Why settle for less than the best!

Things To Think About When Preparing For A Printer For Your Business

Again, just a few things to think about when preparing for a printer. Taking the extra time to jot down the specifics about your printing needs and sizes can go a long way to speed up project completion. Above all Golden Graphics desire is to fulfill your thoughts and make your business shine no matter where you display your marketing material.